Top 10 Oculus Quest Sales Chart – 9 February 2020

There were no new releases this week, however, there were a few major updates for existing games that have helped push them up as well as back into the chart this week for games Arizona Sunshine and Pistol Whip. Whilst another Oculus Duo Pack bundle shows up in this week’s chart.

Let’s look at this week’s top 10 chart positions on the Oculus Quest Store.

Top 10 Selling on Oculus Quest

  1. Beat Saber (1)
  2. SUPERHOT VR (2)
  3. Job Simulator (4)
  4. Arizona Sunshine (5)
  5. Pistol Whip (6)
  6. AUDICA (3)
  7. Richie’s Plank Experience (9)
  8. Duo Pack: Fruit Ninja VR/Pinball FX2 VR (New Entry)
  9. Gun Club VR (Re-Entry)
  10. Space Pirate Trainer (10)

New level for Pistol Whip and Arizona Sunshine multiplayer has seen both games creep up into this week’s chart. With the usual big players from last week holding their grip in the top two positions. New duo pack was released by Oculus, which has also seen itself enter the chart as people grab a bargain for Fruit Ninja and Pinball FX2.

Tune in next Sunday as we look at the movers and shakers of the Oculus Store Top-Selling chart.

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