Virtual reality artist Goro Fujita, who is also Art Director at Facebook, working on VR art software Quill, has shown off a new VR experience that was specifically created for the Oculus Quest.

Utilising the power of the wire-free headset, Goro was able to design a unique experience to his VR art, that allows Quest wearers the ability to freely traverse his creation using the power of the Oculus Insight technology.

Check out the video below:

Although this creation was created with an Oculus Rift, the Quill art was designed and experienced in the upcoming Oculus Quest. With its standalone processing, Oculus Insight technology and most of all wire-free, it clearly shows that the Oculus Quest can bring a whole new level of immersive storytelling to its wearer.

I can’t wait to experience what VR artists in Quill will create after a few months of its release on the Quest.