The best Oculus Quest firmware update has arrived

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Since July 22 2019, Oculus has been rolling out its latest firmware update – Build 7.0 (Headset version 333700.2680.0) – to Oculus Quest users this week. There is a ton of great stuff in this latest update from Oculus for its popular standalone VR headset.

This update only just landed for me this morning. It took a while but now that I have had some time to play with the new features, here are my top favourites in Build 7.0.

New Sounds

The first way you will know if your Oculus Quest has been updated to Build 7.0 is that there are new sounds. From button selection, to the idle sound when inside the guardian mode. hearing spray paint whilst drawing your guardian

Improved Tracking

If you’ve been playing some games where you have your Touch controllers close together, or close to your face, you’ll know how easy it can be to lose tracking with one or both controllers. In Build 7.0 this has been greatly improved, to a point of being perfect. I’ve not had much time with build 7.0 but I am already seeing drastic improvements in games where you have controllers close together or crossing over each other.

We’re really good and ready for a decent shooter or two on the Oculus Quest now!

Room Scale Sensitivity Adjustment

Head into the headset settings menu and you can now have more ways to adjust how sensitive you’d like the room-scale sensitivity to be. Via a simple slider you can now set between Low and High how close you will need to get to your guardian before it displays in your view.

If you have a small guardian, this update feature is for you. You can set this lower than default and have the guardian show up less when you’re flapping your arms around or getting close to any particular walls behind or in front of you.

Disable Microphone in VR

If you wish to globally mute your headset’s microphone from any VR games and apps then you can now set this switch in the settings menu.

Add Bluetooth keyboard / gamepad / headphones option

In the experimental section of the headset’s settings menu, you can now explore connecting Bluetooth devices. The menu option states keyboard or gamepad, however I was also able to connect my Bose bluetooth headset to the Oculus Quest.

Being experimental, Bluetooth audio does have its issues. Audio in the menus were perfect, yet ingame there was a noticeable 0.5-1 second delay before you heard your actions in VR. Beat Saber was also jerky as anything with Bluetooth audio, so there seems a lot to do before this feature exits the experimental section.

Directly Adjust floor height right from the guardian page

If you find yourself close to a flat surface, like a table or desk, there are times where this surface becomes your floor level – resulting in some crazy in-game situations. In the 7.0 update you can now just set the floor height instead of going through the whole guardian setup process by accessing the guardian menu in the lower nav bar.

Persistent search option yo get to your favourite content easily

Oculus has improved the discoverability of games and apps in its store and your game/app library but providing a persistent search option. If you go into the Library or Oculus Store there will be a search option on the top right. From here you can use the keyboard to search for a game title, category or comfort type.

Oculus has also improved some areas of its store, in that you can now add games to wish lists and be notified when new titles enter the category you wish to monitor.

Use both touch controllers at the same time on keyboard, store and library

Another area that you may notice this update has been completed is that you can now use and see both controller pointers on the main menu and also during keyboard input. Before, when pressing on the other controller, this would swap controller input, where as now you can use either or both to navigate and quickly type using the keyboard.

3DoF support when Oculus Quest is in the dark

If you boot up your Oculus Quest in a dark or dimly lit room, where tracking is lost, you will now be prompted if you wish to enter 3DoF mode. This means your controller will switch to head tracking only rather than room-scale/controller tracking. If you fancy using your Quest at night, this mode is for you – just as long as you’re not wanting to play any games – it’s best for media apps only.

If you find any new features in Build 7.0 let us know in the comments below. This is a great update from Oculus and shows how much they are listening out to feedback and helping improve the Quest to make it a great VR device for the masses.

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