Red Matter sets a ​new benchmark for Oculus Quest

If all the news of No Man’s Sky entering VR is bringing you down as you look at your sultry Oculus Quest and its limited Sci-Fi games, don’t panic, as there are a few upcoming sci-fi games coming to our beloved Quest very soon – one of which is Red Matter.

It is amazing what game developers have already done to squeeze the best out of the Oculus Quest, many Rift ports have taken a hit in the visual department, but that hasn’t stopped developers – Vertical Robot – from trying even harder. Going by the latest video footage of their upcoming game, Red Matter, the bar has been raised into planetary orbit for graphics on the Oculus Quest headset. Check this out below…

To have the above running smoothly on what is now a rather old mobile chipset is wonderful to see, especially for anyone doubting the Quest’s capabilities against PCVR games.

UploadVR has done a report with the Red Matter developers and they also share some new footage of the game, running on the Oculus Quest. Take a look…

Red Matter was released on Oculus Rift back in May 2018, and its port to the Quest looks extremely faithful, thanks to the talented developers and how they have worked with the game’s Unreal Engine.

Red Matter releases next week on the Oculus Quest, and I am sure I am not alone in saying I am looking forward to this one!

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