Welcome to OQPlay.com. This is an independent blog that covers all there is to do with the upcoming Oculus Quest VR headset.

I have closely monitored the VR space over the years and it wasn’t until the announcement of the Oculus Quest that I instantly got excited for the new hardware, which releases in Spring 2019.

As a keen gamer I may be no expert in all VR headsets, however I have owned and tried a few of the most popular VR units. From developing for the first DK1 developer headset from Oculus, playing with the DK2 and Vive, and finally Sony’s PlayStation VR headset, all have offered great experiences, but the Oculus Quest is one piece of technology that shows really good promise. It has the potential that could make VR more mainstream than any VR headset has done in the past.

With its Oculus Insight sensing technology, and more importantly its wire-free freedom, the Oculus Quest had me excited to know more. Some media have said the Oculus Quest could be the gold rush for iPhone equivalent  for VR, and I do agree with them.

With a retail price of $399, its mainstream accessibility is certainly poised in game console territory. If the Oculus Quest has enough support at launch, from developers porting existing Oculus Rift and Oculus Go VR titles or creating new experiences, there should be enough content to kickstart the growth of the platform. With the right launch Oculus could have a big mainstream player on their hands.

This is why OQPlay.com is here. Over the coming months prior to its launch I hope to consume as much as I can about the Oculus Quest, its upcoming launch, and more importantly all the upcoming content that is being developed for it. I hope to cover all the games and applications announcements for the Oculus Quest and also bring you my own impressions at launch and beyond, with reviews of games and applications, as well as any hardware accessories that third-party manufactures will create, post-launch.

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Thank for reading and I hope you enjoy what’s to come on OQPlay.com