Oculus Says No Cross-Buying from Oculus Go to Oculus Quest

This week it was noticed that a field in the Oculus development platform settings showed a shared App ID for both Oculus Go and Oculus Quest, due to the platform sharing the same SDK.

This implied that cross-buying between both mobile VR platforms was a strong possibility, however, a Facebook representative soon squashed these impressions by saying the following:

Oculus Quest will have a different store and requirements than Oculus Go and Rift. As they are different devices with different inputs there are no plans to implement cross-buying from Oculus Go to Oculus Quest at this time.

So like the Store on its Oculus app, there will likely be a new additional option for Oculus Quest, with applications and games filtered specifically to the platform. It is also mentioned via the press that cross-buy is up to the developer as to whether they wish to allow buyers of their title on one platform to have the ability to download the same title, for free, on another.

Cross-buy between Go and Quest made perfect sense to me, what with the Quest being technically superior to the Go. Porting apps and games between the Go to the Quest is highly likely, compared to porting between the Rift and the Quest. However, Oculus Go titles still require its developers to support Oculus Touch controller input as well as any other optimisations for the platform that differs from the Go. So time spent in doing so still requires some form of repayment to the developer, so although we might not like it, charging for the same game on the Quest at least helps support its developer.

With just 78 days away from the Oculus Quest’s possible release date, I would hope to hear Facebook/Oculus spill more information on the Oculus Quest store soon. The optimum time for this could likely occur during the Game Developer Conference week between 18-22 March, of which Facebook/Oculus has a huge presence.

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