Oculus Quest Wired In-Ear Headphones Available At Launch


The Oculus Quest has two 3.5mm headphone ports located on the side of the headset, these ports are for anyone wishing to use their own overhead, on-ear and in-ear headphones instead of receiving audio through the built-in speakers located in the side of the headband.

There are rumours currently circulating on Reddit from various Best Buy employees who have noticed stock arrive over the past week for Rift S and Oculus Quest headsets. This, if true, helps solidify the possibility of the Oculus Quest launching by the end of the month. But its the news that a smaller box has been spotted in the uncovered Best Buy stock amongst the Rift S and Quest boxes, which implies possibly headphones lanching alongside the headsets.

A new post has revealed a more credible source that backs up this claim in the form of an actual Best Buy product link, pictured below:

The product link has now been pulled, likely at the request from Oculus themselves. But it is reassuring with both Best Buy leaks, it looks highly likely that you’ll be able to order official Oculus In-Ear headphones alongside the Quest headset at launch.

New Quest in-ear headphones could be similar to the Oculus Rift earphones

Oculus has sold Oculus in-ear headphones in the past for their Rift headset, shown above. Each earpiece clipped into the headphone ports on the headband. With the Quest’s ports being on the headset itself, expect the cables to be a bit longer so that they are able to reach the ports and the in-ear pieces will either be the same or a tweaked version of these existing headphones.

The built-in sound from the Oculus Quest is meant to be very similar to the Oculus Go, which I find pretty decent in a quiet or low noise room, but I find using a headset or in-ear headphones increase the overall immersion.

If you have your own earphones then you can still use these too with the 3.5mm ports on the Quest headset, however, these ones from Oculus will likely have the right length to them to make them an ideal in-ear solution for the Quest.

In-ear isn’t as hygienic either if you are going to share your Quest headset with others. You will have to either take them off or switch to the built-in audio when sharing with others or face sharing more than your Quest experience.

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