Oculus Quest Will Come Pre-Loaded With 5 Games


The Oculus Quest launch lineup includes 50+ titles that will range from fast-paced shooters to pass-and-play social games and media playing apps.

Thankfully, if money is tight and you can’t afford all the titles you want, you will be glad to hear that your shiny new Quest will come pre-loaded with five exciting preview demos that you can play right out of the box:

Beat Saber (Action/Music)

Keep the beat as you slash through the cubes. This demo includes a tutorial and two songs in different difficulty levels.

Creed (Sport)

Become Adonis Creed, fighting to establish your legacy in the ring and beyond. In this demo, you’ll have one match to face off against a challenger in the ring.

Journey of the Gods (Adventure)

Play as human or god as you collect items, earn upgrades, and fight foes in this visually stunning title. With three difficulty levels, this demo features condensed versions of the tutorial and first boss fight.

Space Pirate Trainer (Arcade)

Fight off relentless waves of droids with all the weapons and gadgets you’d ever need as a Space Pirate. This demo lets you play through the first action-packed wave and challenge the first boss.

Sports Scramble (Action/Sport)

A zany, fast-paced twist on traditional sports, this demo lets you play a tennis match against either an AI opponent or your friends and family in two-player online multiplayer.

Personally, I think the lineup of these five games give you a good head start into enjoying what the Oculus Quest has to offer. There is a broad range here to at least pick one favourite and you have not wasted any money on titles you try and dislike.

You also have to consider that the Oculus Store for the Quest will also have lots of FREE games, apps and experiences to download. So it could be some time before you begin to put any money down on a your first purchase for the Quest.

The Oculus Quest launches May 21 and you can Pre-order your Oculus Quest headset from Oculus directly or other retailers such as Amazon and BestBuy. Headsets retail for $399 for the 64GB model and $499 for the 128GB model.

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