Oculus Quest update 13.0 rolling out to users


It’s been a while since update 12.0 rolled out to the Oculus Quest, which ushers hand-tracking prior to the festive season. With almost a two-month hiatus, Oculus Quest update 13.0 is now rolling out to users.

The key highlights in update 13.0 include:

Improvements have been made for Oculus Link users, with performance and stability being mentioned and some better interactions with accessing guardian reset and enabling Oculus Link from the System menu bar.

Hand-tracking has also been improved. The most important improvement is the ability to enable automatic transitioning when switching between hand-tracking and using the Oculus Touch controllers. Tutorial and general stability have also been improved along with improved developer support.

Events have had some improvements made to it, including areas when starting an event with a party and the event invite features.

Search has had some attention in that it has had improved appearance and behaviour. This seems to be in A/B testing at the moment, so certain users may or may not see this option or change available to them once updated.

A new app called Scoreboards has been announced that will allow you to see your achievements, leaderboards and compare your results with friends. Like search, this feature is also under testing and may not display or show up for you once you have updated to 13.0.

A number of bug fixes have been addressed in 13.0. Launching of apps from hand-tracking to controllers has been improved. Some tracking lost issues when waking the Quest from sleep has been fixed. On top of this, there are some additional bug fixes and stability improvements.

So in general, the 13.0 update brings a nip and a tuck for hand-tracking and Oculus Link in general along with some performance and stability improvements. I am looking forward to checking it out in the coming days, once the update is available in my area. Let the wait begin!!

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