Facebook’s first-party VR art tool – Quill – will make its artwork viewable on the Oculus Quest, when it releases next year in Spring.

Launched back in December 2016 alongside the Oculus Touch controllers, of which will also come bundled with the upcoming Quest, in their slightly altered state. Since its new owner, Facebook, took over, they have been adding to the VR art tool with new features.

Facebook is hoping to add more features in the coming months, one of which will see Quest users display Quill illustrations and animations in real-time.

Speaking at Oculus Connect 5 this year, its VR Android engineer – Pierre-Antoine LaFayette – has said that bringing such a complex piece of software has been no easy task. The biggest challenge has been optimising the file sizes to fit onto the low storage capacity of the Quest mobile VR head unit.

Instead of downloading massive files, a new format has been developed for the sharing of Quill artwork on Rift. By throwing out all the extra information in the file that is not necessary to render playback of the artwork, file sizes can be heavily reduced by as much as 10 times.

A custom render was then created for Quill artwork running on an Android device, the same platform that powers the upcoming Oculus Quest. With both ends developed the team has been able to achieve smooth rendering of Quill artwork on the Quest hardware.

It is unknown when exactly Quill will appear on the Quest, but the team is still hard at work on making their software mobile friendly.

[Source: Road to VR]