With just a few days remaining before we open our doors to 2019, it is great to hear news that the Oculus Quest headset has appeared on US FCC filings from Facebook, which reassures the release of the new VR headset is nearly upon us.

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certifies products with electromagnetic emissions to be safe and compatible with regulations. Any product wishing to be sold within the US that uses radio, WiFi, infrared etc. needs to go through FCC certification. It marks the long journey of a product’s manufacturing process, as it makes its merry way to appearing on stock and shop shelves.

Although the FCC filing doesn’t name the Quest by name, its diagram shows its profile very clearly. It carries a model number “MH-B”, which follows from the companies previous headset, the Oculus Go, that had a model number “MH-A”. So you can pretty much put on a safe bet that Facebook has filed this for its Oculus Quest.

The filing also lists that the headset will feature both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi protocols, as well as Bluetooth. The confirmation of 5GHz on the Quest means that the headset will have a much greater bandwidth for steaming content, whilst Bluetooth will be mostly reserved for connection between the headset and its dual controllers.

The testing of the Quest for this FCC filing took place as early as 25th July 2018, which means its hardware spec has been locked down for some time and it will not see any alterations or changes prior to its release in Spring 2019.

With an estimated launch date occurring between 30th April and 1st May 2019, likely taking place during the Oculus F8 developer conference, you can count the months left to wait on a single hand!

We’re certainly excited!