If you’re tired of waiting for a new game to download, that wait has just been cut with the release of the latest update for the Oculus Mobile App.

A new remote install feature has been added in the latest update of the Oculus app. So now you can browse the Oculus Store on your commute or while you’re waiting in line, purchase a new game or app and have it remote install on your Rift rig – as long as your PC is powered on

The app also allows you to browse and subscribe to events, so you don’t have to wait until you get back to your PC to subscribe to the weekly Brass Tactics challenge or other events.

The App update is available now, on both iOS and Android devices, so you can stay connected with the Rift community wherever you go.

Although this App feature is focused on the Rift and its PC users, this is also a good potential move for the upcoming Oculus Quest, which releases in Spring next year. A future App update may allow you to browse a new Quest section, just like you can in the Oculus Go store section of the App, browse Quest titles and buy them directly from the app.

Convenience and having a friction-free experience in browsing and discovering existing and newly released software titles is crucial in building a successful platform. This move for the Oculus mobile App just shows how much Facebook wants to make their Oculus platform, and the upcoming Quest, a success.