Oculus Go emulation coming to Oculus Quest in 2019


Oculus CTO John Carmack has taken to Twitter to reveal that the Oculus Quest will soon be able to share Oculus Go applications on the headset via Go emulation.

This will help increase the Oculus Quest library with hundreds of additional games, applications and experiences, all will have improved performance and resolution thanks to the enhanced technology hardware that’s inside the Quest.

With SideQuest users have been able to already install Go applications on to the Quest, however this route from Oculus will offer a more official route to allow people who own Oculus Go titles to run them on their Quest.

You may also have a favourite title on the Go that has yet to have Quest support, so this is also a good way to get unsupported titles that developers or Oculus has given up on bringing them to the Quest.

The team at Oculus will be working with Go app and game developers to test how the emulation works with their Go apps. It is said that, although Go apps and games are not designed to support Quest’s six-degree of freedom (6DoF) headset and controller tracking, many apps do “magically” support full 6DoF tracking.

“Not everything works, but many old apps do magically get 6DoF headset and controller tracking, as well as higher resolution and frame rate, so it is fun to dig through some old favorites,” said John Carmack.

No release date has been for Go emulation on the Quest, however it is known to be coming this year. With Oculus Connect 6 around the corner, we may hear more about this and much more coming to the Quest, then.

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