Oculus Go and Gear VR apps now available on Oculus Quest


Today, your Oculus Quest library grows in size as part of this week’s firmware 9.0 update. From today, you will now be able to download previously purchased compatible Oculus Go and Gear VR apps on your Oculus Quest. Oculus also states that there will be more titles releasing over time.

Here are the 66 apps that are currently supported on Oculus Quest:

  1. 3C Wonderland Coaster
  2. A Night Sky
  4. Air Combat (WW2)
  5. Angest
  6. Art Plunge
  7. Athens in VR
  8. Bathroom Shooting Games
  9. Battle of Kings VR: Mobile
  10. Coaster
  11. CubeRun.VR
  12. DRIFT
  13. Daedalus
  14. Darknet
  15. Dead Body Falls
  16. Death Horizon
  17. Deepak Chopra Finding Your True Self
  18. Don’t Look Away
  19. Escape Now: The Icons
  21. Fear Incarnate
  22. Fears Nightmare Roller Coaster
  23. Forest of Serenity
  24. Gamers Generations
  25. Hidden Fortune
  26. House of Terror
  27. Human Anatomy VR
  28. In Our Boots
  29. Innocent Forest: The Bird of Light
  30. Introduction to Virtual Reality
  31. Land’s End
  32. MEL Chemistry VR Lessons
  33. MasterWorks: Journey Through History
  34. MetaTable Poker
  35. My Virtual Pet VR
  36. Our Solar System
  37. PAINT VR
  38. Pirate Shooter
  39. Play With Me
  40. Power Hitter
  41. Pyramids Roller Coaster
  42. RelayCars
  43. Rilix VR
  44. RollerCoaster Legends
  45. SONAR
  46. Salvo GO
  47. Sea Hero Quest
  48. Sisters: A VR Ghost Story
  49. Sky Fighter: Training Day
  50. Solar System
  51. Space Dodge2
  52. Sphere Toon – VR Comic
  53. Tactera
  54. The Missed Spaceflight
  55. They Suspect Nothing
  56. Thrill Rollercoasters
  57. Toy Clash
  58. Track Slash
  59. Turkey Hunt
  60. USAF Special Ops
  61. Underworld Overlord
  62. VR Basketball
  63. VR Rally
  64. Welcome to Virtual Reality
  65. Wheel Rush
  66. Wonders of the World

How to access your Oculus Go and Gear VR titles on Oculus Quest

You can access your eligible Oculus Go and Gear VR apps from the Library tab in your Oculus Quest headset.

To access your Go or Gear VR apps on Quest: 

  1. Put on your Quest headset.
  2. Select Library from the bottom toolbar. 
  3. If you have compatible Go or Gear VR apps, you’ll see a device drop-down above the Library heading.
  4. Select Go/Gear VR from the device drop-down.
  5. Select Not installed.
  6. Choose the app you want to install on your Quest and select Install.
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