Oculus Finally Confirms Oculus Quest Release Date & Pre-Ordering

It’s the beginning of F8, and as we expected, news of the Oculus Quest release date was confirmed by Mark Zuckerberg as he took to the stage at this year’s Facebook developer conference.

It was confirmed that the Oculus Quest (and the Rift S) will be releasing together on 21st May. Pre-orders start today, and prices of the 64GB and 128GB were also confirmed at £399 ($399 / €449) and £499 ($499 / €549) respectively – UK and Europe truly getting shafted there.

Pre-orders can be taken now at Oculus.com and Amazon US are also taking pre-orders, whilst currently, Amazon UK still has yet to wake up on their pre-ordering options.

So we restart the countdown once again, and no doubt the #QuestCountdown will continue each Wednesday, bringing more of the 50+ launch titles that will release alongside the Oculus Quest.

Right, now is the time to pre-order my Quest…

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