Oculus Confirms TV Casting From Oculus Quest

From a very early promotional image (below), it was thought that players could not only cast to their mobile, but they could also possibly cast what they are seeing in the VR headset to a TV display.

Oculus confirmed that casting to TV will be possible at launch of the Quest. “With a few taps you can cast their VR experience to a mobile phone or to your living room TV and friends can join right alongside.”

There are very little extra details shared during the keynote, so it begs a few questions:

How do you cast to the TV? Does the TV require Chromecast compatibility or dongle to work with the TV? Does it require an app on your TV? Is the casting simply streaming to Facebook and the TV is streaming from that? Is sound cast to the TV also? Can you capture from a cast?

There are many questions on HOW this casting to TV actually works, and more importantly how WELL it works. Because anyone who has cast from an Oculus Go to a mobile phone, via the Oculus App, the visual quality can vary greatly. So I hope this has been improved on the Quest.

Only 21 days remain before we will be able to find out.

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  1. Anonymous

    it does need a chromecast i believe. but that wont be an issue, almost everyone has a chromecast.

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