New VR rhythm game Synth Riders coming to Oculus Quest

Developers Kluge Interactive has announce that their popular Steam VR rhythm game, Synth Riders, will be coming to the Oculus Quest on October 31st.

Mixing a combination of dancing and an enjoyable workout, Synth Riders keeps your arms flapping and your toe tapping, as players experience catchy music in a whole new way.

The game will feature 21 top songs with new top artists added regularly. There will be cross-platform leaderboards to compete against along with different modes such as Force Mode for harder workouts and challenges. Multiplayer is also promised for the game in a future update.

With Synth Riders, fans of rhythmic games on the Quest will soon have another title to play at the end of this month. Will it be enough to sway players away from the power-house that is Beat Saber, we will have to wait and see, but for now, at least developers are keen to giving it a good go.

Look out for our review at launch of the game, and we hope we can give away some keys too on or nearer launch. Until then, you can add Synth Riders on your Oculus Wish List now by following the Synth Riders Oculus Store link.