New The Walking Dead game announced for Oculus Quest

Fans of The Walking Dead series and generally fans of zombies will be happy to hear that the upcoming The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners will also be coming to the Oculus Quest. Check out the cinematic trailer below.

This new game will allow players to truly live in the world of The Walking Dead – albeit in the area of New Orleans. The game will feature a 15-hour single-player story campaign, and as the title suggests, your choices will change the course of the game’s narrative.

Players will get to forage for tools, weapons and food, packing each item into your backpack in via an intuitive-looking inventory system. You can then use the things you pick up to craft ammo for your weapons and bandages to heal yourself with.

There will be an option to play the game in normal difficulty mode as well as a permadeath option for those who like the punishment of restarting the game all over a gain when you’ve had your face chewed on by a zombie.

VR needs some good lengthy content, and this game looks like it will serve up what VR gamers are all craving for. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is scheduled for launch on January 23, 2020. Its Rift listing page is already live, if you wish to find out more info on the game. Oculus pretty much confirmed this game’s release on the Quest on their YouTube channel trailer.

We will have to find out how well this game will look on the Quest. Expect all the shadows to be removed and some lighting elements, likely a reduced number of zombies too and reduced geometry and textures in the surrounding world around you.

Either way, this game looks awesome and I can’t wait to try it out.