New details uncover Force abilities, Dojo II and huge Rancor-like creatures in Vader Immortal: Episode II

News from the Star Wars camp has appeared on the internet with new details of the upcoming second episode of Vader Immortal, coming to the Oculus Quest later this year.

Fans who attended the D23 Expo 2019 got an exclusive glimpse at the next instalment of the Star Wars saga on Oculus Quest, however, readers of the article can also get an insight into what is coming in Episode II.

In short, the next Episode will feature more experiences with the Force. You’ll be able to use the Force and your lightsaber together, and this will also be encouraged in the new and improved Dojo II area of the game, where you will progress from lightsaber fighting to combined Force powers too.

New Force abilities in Episode II include a lightsaber toss, which allows players to hurl a fully active lightsaber at a training droid in the midst of an attack, impaling larger droids and splitting remote droids in half.

Players will also be able to activate traps to crush and electrocute enemies from afar. Using Force stun, players will be able to freeze their enemies in place. Force grip will allow you to lift not only rocks but also droids and other creatures, lobbing whatever’s in your grip at your opponents. And with Force pull, enemies can be drawn even closer to execute a final, fatal attack – Finish him!

Another interesting detail to Episode II is the new characters and creatures you will be encountering. The Darkghast, is one of the game’s largest creatures that lurks deep in the dark ruins of a fortress. Its large appearance looks similar to the Rancor, a character that Luke encounters under Jaba’s palace, in Return of the Jedi. If you’ve seen the T-Rex in the Jurassic World Blue experience on the Oculus Go, I can imagine it will be something similar to this.

Episode II is sounding like it will bring added depth to the story along with some great Star Wars experiences that all Star Wars fans will want to live out ourselves. We’ve now experienced what it is like to wield a lightsaber, now in Episode II it looks like we will finally get an idea of what it will be like to harness the Force.

Episode II will be released later this year. No details on dates just yet, but I would expect this game to be released close to holiday season in order to bolster sales of more Quest headsets.

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