My Top VR Cover Black Friday Sale Quest 2 Accessories


It’s that time of year when your favourite gadgets and accessories get heavily discounted in time for this coming holiday season. Whether you are picking up a bargain for yourself or a significant other this holiday season, the time is now to pick up a few accessories for the Meta Quest 2.

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Below are a few of my favourite that all have been reduced in their Black Friday sale, which kicks off today at 7am EST, and ends on November 29th 7am EST.

VR Cover Facial Interface Fitness Edition

A firm favourite of mine is the VR Cover Fitness Edition facial interface kit. You don’t have to be using your Quest 2 for fitness, this facial interface is one of the most comfortable interfaces you can put on your Quest 2, it comes with a pair of thin foam pads that help keep a decent field of view in VR. You can also opt to pick up a thicker pad (see below) for ultimate comfort and for if you’re wearing glasses.

VR Cover VR Content Creator Interface Edition

VR Cover have also teamed up with two VR YouTube creators for some addiitonal colours, however this interface is based off their older/original interface and foam pads, so these do not carry the same softness and comfort as the Fitness Edition. So unless you perfer their colours, go with the Fitness Edition interfaces, linked above.

VR Cover Foam Replacement Set

Pair this accessory with the VR Cover Fitness Edition interface to get the ultimate comfort in VR. This padding is super soft and if you have long eyelashes, wear glasses, or use VR lenses, it adds an extra level of spacing without the need to use a glasses spacer adapter.

VR Cover Elite Foam Rear Pad

If you have the offical Elite Head Strap from Meta, or you have a similar head strap that has a identical sized rear pad, this Foam Rear Pad from VR Cover fits snugly around the rear pad to give you added comfort with its soft foam padding, making you last longer in your VR sessions without incuring any discomport or pressure at the back of your head.

VR Cover Halo Protectors

If the fear of hitting nearby objects and humans and destroying your controllers trouble you, then these Halo Protectors from VR Cover cover and protect your controller sensor rings from any knocks and drops of the controllers. Making them last any minor scraps or hits and save you a bundle from having to repair or buy a whole new Touch controller. For their small price, it’s money well spent! Tracking isn’t really that effected, so have protection and peace of mind in the majority of Quest games you play.

VR Cover Silicone Cover

Add a pop of colour to customise your Quest 2 with these silicone covers from VR Cover. These are a chep, quick and easy way to protect your stock foam interface from sweat and skin irritation. There is also a built-in nose flap to help improve immersion in VR, which is something the offical silicone cover does not come with. The silicone is smooth and cool to the touch, and is easy to wipe down if you use your Quest 2 for fitness or if you share the VR headset with anothers.

VR Cover Carry Case

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