Improved Touch controller tracking coming soon to the Oculus Quest

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Currently, there are improvements being made for the Rift S in the form Touch controller tracking, however, we will soon see this improvement migrate over to the Oculus Quest in a future firmware update.

Version 1.39 of Oculus public test PC software for the Rift S has been released and those people lucky enough to try are already saying there is a drastic improvement to the controller tracking when near the headset.

At the moment when Touch controllers come very close to the Quest headset, tracking can be lost. Games such as shooters and boxing titles, when controllers are near to the headset can begin to cause issues and this effects gameplay and general immersion in the game.

We can certainly expect the improved update of the Rift S to filter down to the Quest in time. Let’s hope it appears before titles such as Onward and Pavlov launch on the portable VR headset.

[Source: UploadVR]

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