Gun Recoil Accessory ForceTube Demo on Oculus Quest

If you’re into your VR you will already know about the ProTube ForceTube accessory and its ability to simulate gun recoil in compatible VR shooting games. Whilst shooters are slowly releasing on the Oculus Quest or via SideQuest, support for the accessory is widely available in shooting games for Rift, RiftS, HTC Vive and the Valve Index VR headsets.

Anyone owning a ForceTube can already jump on SideQuest and download the software and its western-themed demo for the accessory on Oculus Quest and get going, whilst you wait for compatible games such as OnWard, Pavlov and Population One – all coming to the Oculus Quest.

YouTuber, Mike, from VR Oasis gave the accessory a spin on the Oculus Quest recently. You can catch his video below, which explains and demos the ForceTube accessory on the Oculus Quest.

I hope to give ForceTube a go once more Quest titles release with support for the accessory and I hope it gets a more native installation solution at this time, because currently you have to go through SideQuest in order to get up and running and no everyone will be comfortable in doing this.

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