Can’t wait for Oculus Quest and want a wire-free VR fix this holiday season? Thanks to Amazon you can grab a cheap Oculus Go during their Black Friday sale, months before the Oculus Quest releases next year.

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Both Oculus Go 32GB and Oculus Go 64GB options can be bought cheaper on Amazon than what Oculus are selling during their own Black Friday sale. If you can’t wait for the Quest next year, the Oculus Go makes for a cheap stop gap to scratch that mobile VR itch before the Quest arrives.

The Go may not back Oculus Insight room tracking and dual controllers, but with its one motion controller, similar optics and a library of great titles, it will give you a taste of things to come and fill the long void between now and Spring.

Whilst you wait for your Go delivery from Amazon, you can download the Oculus App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and purchase all the free demos and add any premium titles to your wishlist, for easy downloading as soon as your Go arrives. And when it does arrive, you’ll be good an ready to enjoy the Go as soon as it leaves the packaging!