First Glimpse At Arizona Sunshine on Oculus Quest

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Developers of the much anticipated Arizona Sunshine has released a brand new Oculus Quest gameplay video for their upcoming zombie shooter.

In the video, we see the first glimpse of the game’s signature gameplay on the all-new portable platform, as we wander the South West America environments, from bright desert canyons to the deep dark mines, all of which are littered with blood-thirsty zombies.

Arizona Sunshine was rebuilt in its entirety for Oculus Quest and puts up to four players in the midst of the VR zombie apocalypse that fans have come to love. Jump guns blazing into a southwestern America overrun by zombies anytime, anywhere with the unprecedented freedom offered by Oculus Quest and survive hordes of zombies coming at you from every angle.

Players will be able to handle weapons with real-life movements and be able to freely explore a post-apocalyptic world. It will not be long now until you can put your survival skills to the test in untethered VR.

The Quest version of Arizona Sunshine is due to release tomorrow, December 5, 2019.

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