Facebook Previews New Oculus Quest Title – The Under Presents


It was a surprise to read this week that Facebook/Oculus was previewing a new Oculus Queset title at this year’s Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, USA.

The Under Presents is a premium social virtual-reality game from developers Tinder Claws, creators of VR title Virtual Virtual Reality. The Under Presents will teleport you into a wild and whacky fantasy world that mixes VR and multi-layered stories within an immersive theater. The game features a world full of interactive and immersive stories, each playing out whilst you and its other players wander around the same environment.

The Under Presents blends immersive theater and virtual reality, allowing you to step into a world in VR where you’ll interact with characters and other participants. It merges live actors and scripted performances with a narrative arc that centers on themes of time, fate and free will.

Players resemble characters similar to the hit indie game Journey, who are also just as mute and absent from all social interaction with other players other than miming gestures and making finger snaps. Amongst the in-game characters and online players will be live in-game actors, who will also be present in the world as they perform within the game’s experience.

The game certainly sounds bonkers. Yet with its player interactions and remote live actors performing in-game, the scope of repeat play is huge – just as long as the game gets a large amount of support when it launches later this year.

The Under Present is still under development and it will not be an Oculus Quest lunch title, so expect the game to release later this year on the Oculus Quest.


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