Doctor Who: The Edge of Time coming to Oculus Quest

The BBC Doctor Who series will be coming to an Oculus Quest near you soon – this September in fact.

The game is being developed by Maze Theory who have partnered with the BBC. Creative Director, Marcus Moresby, goes on to say “There’s quite a lot of pressure to do it justice. There’s a level of responsibility to make it feel authentic and truly accurate. It’s such a beloved part of the show for the fans.”

The Tardis has been faithfully created in great detail to keep any fan happy with its venture into VR. Dials, knobs and leavers all move as you’d expect. “We’ve also tried to capture lighting and its mood perfectly, so ‘she’ feels like a living breathing ship. We made notes of how all the dials, knobs, and levers in the control panel move, down to their rotation values in order to replicate how they react and sound. The details definitely make all the difference.” says Moresby.

In the VR game, players must pilot the TARDIS with the 13th Doctor through strange and familiar worlds in a quest to recover precious time crystals and of course save the universe. It’s going to be great wire-free on the Quest.

“For us, Quest is the huge leap forward that VR needs—a headset so focused on usability, comfort, and freedom of movement,” says Moresby. “With our Quest version, we want to explore that in our storytelling—hiding clues and Easter Eggs under tables, placing them in nooks and crannies that encourage players to move around in ways they perhaps wouldn’t with either seated VR or while tethered to a PC or console.”

Those lucky enough to attend Comic-Con this week will be able to play a demo of the game by visiting the Booth #4129.

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time will be out on Rift and Quest this September. So not long to wait, have your sonic screwdrivers at the ready!

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