Death Horizon: Reloaded coming soon to Oculus Quest

The developers of zombie shooter, Death Horizon has confirmed that its Oculus Go title will be coming to the Oculus Quest soon.

In Death Horizon a virus has broken containment at the Horizon research station. All the researchers have become walking corpses. The virus is localized for now, but it could break out and cause a disaster at any moment. You’re going to walk into that hellhole and cleanse the station. Don’t try to save bullets – kill every last zombie. The station’s corridors are full of these creatures. It’s a good thing you have a recoilless machine gun. Mop up and come home. Over and out.

The game looks and plays really well on the Go and I’m looking forward to seeing what improvements its developers have added to this ‘Reloaded’ edition.

No date has been mentioned, but expect the game on the Quest within the next few months.

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