Customise your Oculus Quest with covers from Slickwraps

Currently, there are not many ways to customise the look of your black Oculus Quest. If you have more than one Quest, customising it is always a great way to know which is immediately yours.

Thankfully, the guys and gals over at Slickwraps have heard our call and have released many ways to customise your Oculus Quest headset and Touch controllers.

Utilising their thin 3M adhesive wraps, you simply pick one of their many colourful designs which cover the front face of the Oculus Quest headset and a very small top part of the Oculus Touch controllers.

There are many colour styles and textures to choose from. From simple block colours to slate and camo, wood effect and colour changing wraps as well as glittery ones too. So there’s plenty to suit your style.

Will you be wrapping your Oculus Quest with a Slickwraps cover? Let us know what colour you’re going to choose in the comments below.

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