Cloudlands 2

Cloudlands 2 builds off of the fun of playing and building mini golf courses and adds the ability to play full-sized golf courses. Arm yourself with a putter, wedge, and driver and hit the links in the clouds.

  • 54-hole single player campaign takes you through the Green Glades, Magic Meadows, and Reaper Ruins. Play 18 hole mixes of full sized golf and minigolf.
  • Level Editor with over 1000 pieces to build and make epic mini golf or full golf holes. Create and upload your creations to allow other people to play.
  • Expect to find a nearly unlimited supply of amazing user created levels. All existing Cloudlands 1 holes are available to play (2000+).
  • Online Multiplayer allows up to 4 players to play together. Create a room, have your friends join, and off you go.
  • Local Multiplayer pass and play allows you and your friends to play together by passing one headset between you.
  • In-game voice chat and Oculus Avatars fully supported.

Price: £14.99 // Size: 405.7MB // Comfort: Comfortable // Download

Yet another sports title comes to the Quest with a mashed-up mechanic (when are these real sports comes meant to be coming?). If you fancy hitting a white ball around a park, then Cloudlands 2 is here on the Quest to tee you off on that journey around the green.

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