Since being in Early Access in April 2018, its developers Gamily Studios has fully launched their casual VR title VR Furballs – Demolition to the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Microsoft Mixed Reality headsets.

Now that the game has launched the team has also confirmed that their furball-flinging game will be coming to the Oculus Quest and PlayStation VR in 2019.

It’s unknown yet if VR Furball will make it to the Quest as a launch title. It certainly looks doable considering it’s mobile friendly visuals and already broad multi-platform support.

VR Furballs – Demolition takes similar gameplay mechanics from the hit mobile titles – Angry Birds – and has you flinging furry balls with your slingshot into various structures that contain some not so cuddly enemies.

The game contains 54 levels with an array of furballs to choose from and various weapons to catapult them into the virtual world ahead of you. There are six mini games also that can be played outside of the main campaign mode. Should you wish to have a quick furball-flinging session.

I look forward to playing this one as soon as it releases onto the Oculus Quest next year.

[Source: VRFocus]