Amazon Prime Day 2021 Quest 2 Deals

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It’s Prime Day here in the UK on Amazon has some discounts on Quest 2 and Quest 2 accessories. So I have looked through the deals and picked out some good offers if you have yet to pick up a Quest 2 or you’re in the need of some Quest 2 accessories to help improve support and comfort from the headset.

All my links are affiliated so I will earn a little commission on what is the same price you will pay anyway, this will just help support the site and our channel.

Oculus Quest 256GB + Official Carry Case – £448 Now £419 – Best storage option + save on official case

Vakdon Full Protective Grips (All colours) – £17.99 Now £14.39 – Still use these on my own controllers with ProTube VR ProStraps

KIWI design Pro Grips – £25.99 Now £20.79 – Another great pair of grips for Quest 2, without ring protection

AMVR 7-in-1 Facial Interface Kit (White or Orange) – £27.99 Now £22.39 – A great facial interface kit with bundled accessories that help improve comfort and immersion.

KIWI design Power Bank Strap – £19.99 Now £15.99 – This is a decent strap for attaching a power bank to your Quest 2 strap

Vakdon K3 Elite Strap – £26.99 Now £21.59 – This is a cheap alternative to the Elite Strap for half the price

AMVR Power Bank Strap – £19.99 Now £15.99 – Probably the better power bank strap for the Quest 2

AMVR Touch Controller Grips & Knuckle Strap – £21.99 Now £17.59 – A decent pair of knuckle straps with a decent level of strap adjustment

MAYOKIAAR Halo Strap for Quest 2 – £29.99 Now £23.99 – An earlier version of the halo strap, there are better out there now but the price is reasonable for Amazon

KIWI design Earbuds for Quest 2 – £18.99 Now £13.59 – A decent pair of earbuds for the Quest 2, their cable is long enough for easy channelling around the headset and they sound good too

KIWI design Head Strap pad for soft strap – £14.99 Now £11.99 – This head pad is very similar to the AMVR head pad I reviewed, if you prefer your default soft strap then this improves support and comfort

SteelSeries Arctis Pro Headset – £179.99 Now £108.99 – I love my Arctis headphones on my Quest 2, it’s super comfy. I don’t know if these do Bluetooth, but you will need to run these over a 3.5mm lead anyway for zero lag

SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless – £299.99 Now £290.77 – Not much of a saving but these are wireless and allow you to use Bluetooth to connect to your mobile while also being cabled connected to your Quest 2

AMVR Noise Isolating Ear Buds for Quest 2 (Black) – £14.99 Now £11.99 – These are great sounding earbuds for the Quest 2, they also come with the side strap holders to stow your earbuds into and keep everything all neat and tidy

KIWI design Facial Interface Kit – £28.99 Now £20.79 – I have not reviewed these but their facial interface looks solid with a cooling/anti-fogging design. The nose piece is full fabric, so that will reduce light bleed around the nose and the PU leather looking pads look wipeable

Eyglo K5 Head Strap + Controller Grips – £45.99 Now £36.79 – This is a decent deal as you get both strap and some very good controller grips/straps too. The K5 is ok, better than the K3 in support but is better than a soft strap for support and rigidity

Vakdon Q2 Head Strap (All colours) – £33.99 Now £23.99 – This is the first strap design from its maker, it is also known as the K6, it has some extra support at the top of the head which some like to have

I hope you enjoy these product links, there are some decent deals here for anyone looking for a strap, or audio accessory for their Quest 2.

Replaceable Foam for your Oculus Quest 2

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