How to turn the Oculus / Meta Quest 2 wrist strap into a free knuckle strap (Big Hand Edition)


In this video, I update my previous video with a new guide for people with bigger hands. This guide lets you use the official wrist strap that came with the Oculus Quest 2, and along with an additional hair band or rubber band, turns it into an overhand (or knuckle) strap for your Quest 2 Touch Controllers.

You might have just got your Quest 2 and can’t afford another accessory, for now. This simple hack takes just a few minutes, and the only edition for larger hands is that you need an elastic or strong rubber band. I guide you through each step on how to do it, it’s so simple, you wish you did it sooner!


  1. Open the battery controller compartment
  2. Remove the strap that is in place by pulling the tab at the bottom
  3. Take the cord and turn it in the other direction so the plastic connector end points towards the ring sensor.
  4. Next pull the L or R plastic slider towards the other end to create a small loop nearer the end of the controller handle.
  5. Take your elastic/rubber band and loop it over the top of the sensor ring, with the excess facing downwards towards the handle.
  6. Next, pass the plastic end of the wrist strap through the two far side loops of the elastic/rubber band.
  7. Now pass the plastic end of the wrist strap through a loop that is after the elastic/rubber band, and back up through the smaller loop after the plastic slider part.
  8. Pull the cord through so it tightens around the elastic/rubber band
  9. Attach the plastic end back into the battery compartment area
  10. Whilst holding the cable inside the hole position at the bottom of the controller reattach the battery compartment panel back on and close
  11. That’s it, slide your hand in between the cable and the controller handle


  1. If the cable is too loose for your hand, pull the slack from the lower part of the strap through the elastic/rubber band and slide the L/R plastic slider back up the strap to tighten it and secure it in place. Or you can try my small hand guide here –


0:00 – Overview & Small Hand Method
1:19 – Elastic (hairband) Large Hand Method
4:20 – Rubberband Large Hand Method

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