• Release Date: Q3 2019
  • Price: Unknown
  • File Size: Unknown
  • Comfort: Comfortable
  • Genre: Adventure, Social
  • Game Mode: Single User

“VR is broadening both the possibilities and the audience of gaming,” notes Tender Claws Co-Founder Samantha Gorman. “It encourages new thinking around how to spatially design worlds that the player can inhabit. It also fosters new methods for creating immersive and responsive characters. Overall, VR brings a fresh sense of exploration that rewards open experimentation and new approaches. In The Under Presents, we collide theater and gaming. To achieve this, we were most excited to work closely with Piehole, a live theater company based in New York.”

You need to keep in mind that this is coming from the developer of the incredibly great Virtual Virtual Reality (which is also coming to Quest). Tender Claws knows their stuff. And by “their stuff,” I’m talking about virtual worlds that do not obey the normal laws of space and time and are populated by actual actors who promise to screw with your sanity in real time.

“Both actors and players use Quests to enable the great degree of expression possible through untethered play,” notes Gorman. “To enhance this, all players in the experience primarily communicate through body movements and gestures to work with other guests. Further, the portable nature of Quest lets us create this experience as non-location-based. Actors can use the headsets to log in remotely, and the audience can join from home—wherever that may be.”

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