Space physics puzzle game Time Stall coming to Oculus Quest

I love it when new and unknown titles popup on the Oculus Quest store under their coming soon banner. Time Stall is one such game from developers of National Geographic VR and Anne Frank’s House VR, and published by Oculus Studios.

Time Stall is a new title coming to the Oculus Quest that looks like it could be good fun. You find yourself onboard the Fantastic Leap, a crowdfunded luxury escape spacecraft that’s fleeing Earth. Your job is to keep the ship safe using Time Stall, the ship’s safety feature.

When a disaster strikes onboard, time temporarily freezes, allowing you to manipulate objects around the ship, divert flying projectiles and combine objects to save the ship and its crew.

With physics and rag doll crew members, you can setup some crazy situations onboard and see if you have managed to stop impending doom and destruction.

Time Stall is said to be releasing August 15th on the Oculus Quest. You can check out the game over on the Oculus Store and add it to your Wish List, ready for its launch in a few weeks.

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