Radial-G: Proteus

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Radial-G: Proteus is a futuristic arcade racer for the VR generation! Climb into the cockpit of a gravity-defying race craft and tear up the tubular tracks as battle commences. Radial-G delivers full immersion racing featuring gut-wrenching twists, jumps, splits and unique inverted racing.

Full release features:

  • 8 Gameplay modes including combat, elimination and championship
  • 9 racetracks
  • Kicking electronic soundtrack
  • Single player career mode
  • 4 unlockable ships
  • 3 speed classes
  • Oculus achievements and leaderboards

OMEGA Update – Due Q1 2020
A free update to be released in early 2020 will deliver a new boss-fight game mode where players will battle a giant mechanoid boss on a signature Radial-G track – avoid an array of attacks and deliver your own knock-out blows.

  • New boss-fight game-mode
  • Additional racetrack
  • Expanded single player campaign
  • 3 additional, unlockable ships

Price: £18.99 // Size: 1.58GB // Comfort: Intense // Download

Check out our preview for Radial-G above and look out for our full review soon. The game certainly lives up to its comfort rating, if you have yet to find your VR legs, then I would carefully consider this one.

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