Ghost Giant

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As the Ghost Giant, you are the protector of the lonely little boy Louis, who’s in dire need of a helping hand. Build trust with Louis by helping him overcome big – or even gigantic – obstacles. Discover Louis’ world, meet its eccentric inhabitants and experience a heartwarming, and sometimes heartbreaking, story.

– Step into Louis’ world and break the wall between protagonist and player in a highly immersive VR story.
– Manoeuvre a unique diorama world by opening roofs, grabbing cars or rotating a whole house! While you’re at it – why not use a crane as a huge fishing rod?
– Explore the cosy miniature village of Sancourt and help its citizens with all their quirky problems by using your strength and wits.
– Experience a heartfelt adventure about friendship and courage, written by internationally acclaimed writer Sara B. Elfgren.

Price: £18.99 // Size: 1.96GB // Comfort: Comfortable // Download

Ghost Giant looks like a cute little adventure. If you find yourself missing the adventures of games like Moss, I think Ghost Giant will fill the void.

Replaceable Foam for your Oculus Quest 2

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