Drive, Shoot & Drift like NEVER before. Dash Dash is a cross-platform VR kart racing game equipped with immersive full-hand driving and weapon controls. Lose yourself in hundreds of hours of gameplay. Including a fascinating story mode, exhilarating online tournaments, more than a trillion customization combinations, and hundreds of achievements for the trophy hunters out there!

Key features
All original & unique tracks
Single player Story mode
Cross-platform play with feature parity for PC & Quest.
Game for everyone with Casual & Hardcore racing modes
Social with meme, stickers, voice chat & dance moves
Customize every detail from your outfit down to the rim of your car
Free regular online tournaments
Motion sickness prevention options & onboarding class for new VR racer
Quests and achievements
Queue matchmaking while playing solo
Cloud save

Coming soon
Graphic upgrade for Oculus Rift S & Quest 2
Multiplayer increase to 8 players
Content update: Maps, Weapons, Tournaments

Price: £18.99 // Size: 3.45 GB // Comfort: Moderate // Download

Replaceable Foam for your Oculus Quest 2

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