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The alien invasion is underway! The best and the brightest met the enemy head on, and got their butts kicked for the trouble. Now it is up to you and the members of the B-Team!

Dodge to the left. Dodge to the right. Dodge to the left. No, that’s your right. Speed down the path while dodging obstacles and overcoming deadly enemy traps! These aliens are carrying heavy firepower. Use the Team’s special weapons to fight through wave after wave of determined enemies.

We are facing an enemy that is truly mentally gifted. Their puzzles and defenses are like nothing you have seen on this planet, unless you have. Put your mind to the test with quick draw challenges! Time to prove you have what it takes to be the the last, 2nd best hope for the planet.

Price: £10.99 // Size: 974.1 MB // Comfort: Comfortable // Download

This game looks interesting. It’s a mix of various mini-game mechanics, meaning its gameplay isn’t always the same with each mission you play. There’s shooting levels and running levels, amongst many other games that bring different gameplay to your eyeballs. It’s fairly cheap, so if the trailer looks good to you, maybe give it a try.

Replaceable Foam for your Oculus Quest 2

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