The most popular haunted house in VR is now available on Quest!

If you love to scare yourself witless, or just enjoy watching your friends and family freak out in VR, AFFECTED: The Manor is for you! With simple controls and no puzzles to solve or keys to find in order to progress, The Manor holds nothing but scares and screams for both experienced gamers and newcomers alike.

Built from the ground up for Quest, we’ve added a new terrifying layer of immersion by allowing interactions with some of the environment in AFFECTED: The Manor for the very first time. We’ve made sure we maintained the trademark length of the experience, so each route can be tackled in around 20 minutes by anyone brave enough to make it all the way, plenty of Nopers out there are still yet to reach the end at all though…let alone make it in one go!

With a choice of 2 routes and alternate endings, there’s reason to keep going back for more…but only if you’re a sucker for punishment of course.

Price: £7.99 // Size: 1.33GB // Comfort: Intense // Download

Spookober may have gone, but that will not stop anyone willing to soil their pants whilst playing another horror and spooktacular game AFFECTED: The Manor. If you live and breathe for jump-scares, then make sure you pick up this one at its scary low price.

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