Top 12 Games We Want to Play on Oculus Quest


With over 50-oculus-quest-games-apps-coming-at-launch, there will no doubt be a number of really good games to play as soon as you unbox the shiny new VR headset when it releases this Spring.

We have yet to confirm all of the games that are launching alongside the Oculus Quest, so it is always good to wish of what games we would love to play on the Oculus Quest headset. Below is a rundown of twelve existing VR games I would love to see come to the Oculus Quest at launch and beyond.

12. Box VR

Box VR is a rhythm-based boxing inspired workout. Its regularly updated with new workouts by professional fitness instructors.

Graphically BoxVR doesn’t push the pixels, so this game will be an easy port for its developers. It is pretty certain that we will see BoxVR on the Oculus Quest, on or nearer launch day.

11. Pavlov VR

Pavlov VR is a multiplayer shooter that has a very positive rating on Steam. If you like Counter-Strike then you will likely fall in love with Pavlov.

How well a game like this will port to the Oculus Quest is tricky to judge, but with the right optimisation of textures and its maps, I would think Pavlov on Oculus Quest would certainly be doable.

10. Space Pirate Trainer

Space Pirate Trainer is the official trainer for wannabe space pirates in VR. Pick up your blasters and fight off waves of droids with all the weapons and gadgets you would ever need as a space pirate, whilst dodging incoming lasers.

This is another game that I can see as an easy port to the Oculus Quest. With its touch controllers and insight sensing, you have all the tools you need to play this game, and without any cables to worry about, it will be great fun!

9. Sairento VR

In Sairento VR you play a badass cyber ninja assassin. Perform triple jumps, wall runs, power slides and slow down time whilst blasting away at numerous enemies, or slashing at their torsos with your blade.

This game seems fairly graphically intense for the Oculus Quest, however, with the gameplay being set in an enclosed set of rooms, Sairento can be easily optimised with reduced textures, some lightweight physics and possibly smaller/altered rooms.

8. Rec Room

Rec Room allows players to hang out with friends and play multiplayer games like paintball, or just chill out and chat with friends in virtual parks.

Discover player-created rooms and new rooms to try every day. With cross-platform play there is always fresh new content and people to play with, so it’s not only fun, it’s highly social too.

Rec Room has already been teased as a launch title on the Oculus Quest. Its simplified graphics make the game an easy enough game to port over to the Quest and I am sure there are plenty of existing players you can’t wait to try the game on Oculus Quest.

7. Budget Cuts

One of my first games I tried on the HTC Vive is the hilarious and super fun – Budget Cuts. It’s a VR stealth game where you zip, sneak or Rambo your way forward through rooms, throwing your collection of knives at patrolling robots.

Its environments are simple and certainly doable on the Oculus Quest, and with touch controllers and the insight technology on the Oculus Quest, I can see Budget Cuts release on the platform as a no brainer.

6. In Death

Created for VR, In Death is a roguelike shooter set in a godless afterlife. Players battle through procedurally generated levels and dungeons in intense ranged combat.

This means no replay is the same, which adds value to its gameplay and boosts repeat play as you loose your arrows at ghostly enemies and skeleton armies.

Although In Death looks visually rich, its draw distance is small and its textures are fairly simple to optimise. With some dev time, I am sure we will likely see In Death appear on the Oculus Quest.

5. Arizona Sunshine

Built for VR, Arizona Sunshine puts you in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Handle weapons with real-life movements, freely explore a post-apocalyptic world, and put your survival skills to the test.

This game is probably the only game I am doubtful we will see on the Oculus Quest. It has a high poly count, a long draw distance and the game could struggle to perform well on the Quest. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be possible.

With some optimisation and reduction of the environment and its objects, we could well be slaying zombies in Arizona Sunshine on the Oculus Quest.

4. Lone Echo

Lone Echo is a narrative adventure game consisting of both exploration and using tools and objects to solve puzzles. Players can grab almost any surface, and either move themselves along or push off of the environment to float in a given direction. As a service android, the player must repair damaged or inoperable systems, as well as aid and protect the station’s sole human crew member, with whom they interact using dialogue trees.

Like Arizona Sunshine, Lone Echo will be tough to see a straight port on to the Oculus Quest, but if its developers are up for the challenge – and there is word they are working on something for the Oculus Quest – I would love to see Lone Echo on the Oculus Quest, even if the game is slightly watered down and there’s no Echo Arena multiplayer.

3. Job Simulator

In a world where robots have replaced all human jobs, step into the ‘Job Simulator’ to learn what is like ‘to job’.

Job Simulator was my first VR game experience and still to this day I love its humour, easy pickup and play intuitive controls and its overall good time fun gameplay.

Its simple graphics and small environments allow this game the ability to port very easily to the Oculus Quest. I really hope its developers consider bringing this game over to the Oculus Quest as well as its sequel – Vacation Simulator.


GORN is a highly popular and ludicrously violent VR gladiator simulator. Featuring a unique, fully physics-driven combat engine, players wield shields, swords, maces, bows and nunchucks to take down oncoming waves of gladiators. And when you’re all out of weapons, you can fall back to your blood-soaked bare hands to continue to take down your foe.

With its small worlds and fairly simple graphics style, I have no doubt that we will see GORN appear on the Oculus Quest in 2019. Please make this happen, developers.

1. Beat Saber

If you have not heard of Beat Saber, then you are either living under a rock for the past year or do not know much about one of the most popular VR games.

Beat Saber is a VR rhythm game where your goal is to slash the beats which perfectly fit into precisely handcrafted music. If Guitar Hero and Star Wars had a baby, it will be Beat Saber.

The game has a huge following and is likely to be the most wanted game to appear on the Oculus Quest. Its simple graphics and gameplay make for an easy port and I have not doubt we will see this game on the Oculus Quest either at launch or at least in 2019.

Games, Games, Games!

There are certainly plenty of other great VR games that didn’t make this list. We would just love to see any many great VR games and experiences as possible on the Oculus Quest. A platform’s library of games will make or break it. So I really hope the Oculus Quest gets the developer support it needs to shine and thrive in the rather niche VR space.

I hope developers of existing successful games consider the small time it will take to port their games over to the Oculus Quest platform. It will not only increase sales to cover all the time and effort that’s taken to develop these great games, but it will also expand its user base, its appeal, create richer experiences without the nasty wires and overall, make the Oculus Quest a killer platform for VR.

There is no doubt, 2019 will be a great time for VR and I can’t wait to see old and new VR games appearing on the new platform, either in Spring at launch or soon after.

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