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If you a regular reader of my Quest monthly round-up, first of all, you are awesome, and if I could give you a high-five I would. But you would also realise that I totally missed the May edition, and I do apologise… So onward with our catch up on what came to Quest in June.

June is gaming month with the E3 event being at the forefront of it, a full games-fest showdown of upcoming releases and a way for gamers, both flat and VR, to get excited about previews of upcoming titles that they get a peek at through a handful of pre-recorded showcase keynotes from various publishers and platform holders.

Sadly, Oculus didn’t take part in any E3 event, so all we had was a rather average VR Showcase to watch, which also didn’t bring (for me) anything worth getting excited about, unfortunately. June would have been a perfect time to release another Oculus Showcase stream, but maybe they are holding out the handful of new titles for their F8 event later on in the year.

In other news for the Quest…

In May and June, I got my hands on some new accessories for Quest 2. I first compared AMVR vs VR Cover touch controller grip covers to find out which of the two were best. VR Cover then released its thinnest foam covers yet, so I brought my review on those. Then AMVR finally entered further into the audio headphone area for Quest with their Clip-on headphones for Quest 2. Jayol then supplied a full black kit for the Quest 2 and a new Halo Strap with updated rear padding. I then took another Eyglo head strap for a spin. The K5 head strap adds some additional features, for a cheap price. The X-Super Home accessories were next, with their disappointing (and breakable) silicone grips, and one of the best head straps for counterbalance I have tried on the Quest.

In June I was also lucky to try out the BOBOVR M2 head strap, which still stands as the best head strap you can buy for Quest 2 right now. I later checked out the BestorX Premium deluxe audio head strap and learned their audio headphones were so great that I had to merged these two headsets together to make the ultimate audio head strap for Quest 2. So look out for that video soon. After a revisit on another AMVR Black Facial Interface, I took a look at a new battery solution for the Quest 2, the VR Power 2 from Rebuff Reality. You can check out these and more of my reviews for Quest on the OQPlay OQPlay YouTube channel.

A little more mention of our YouTube Channel. We managed to reach over 1903 subscribers at the end of this month. I continue to appreciate all the great questions and comments that you have sent in on the Channel. I hope to continue to bring fresh new accessories and gameplay content to the channel. If you’ve not yet subscribed, please do, as it will really help the Channel grow stronger and give me the opportunity to bring you more unique VR content.

Quest Game Releases in June

June saw only a handful of titles released onto the Quest. From multiplayer hero shooter – Larcenauts – to escape room-esk – A Rouge Escape. Finally, Stones of Harlath, brings a new adventure to the Quest.

Top 20 Top-Selling

So let’s look at this week’s top 20 chart positions on the Oculus Quest Store.

GORN & Job Simulator are the top climbers in the top selling chart at the end of this month
  1. Beat Saber (1)
  2. SUPERHOT VR (3)
  3. Onward (2)
  4. Job Simulator (8)
  5. GORN (9)
  6. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners (6)
  7. Cave Digger (Re-Entry)
  8. Virtual Desktop (5)
  10. Walkabout Mini Golf (Re-Entry)
  11. The Trill of the Fight (4)
  12. Arizona Sunshine (Re-Entry)
  13. Vader Immortal: Episode I (12)
  14. Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted (Re-Entry)
  15. Drunkn Bar Fight (Re-Entry)
  16. I Expect You To Die (Re-Entry)
  17. Fruit Ninja (Re-Entry)
  18. Hand Physics Lab (7)
  19. Vacation Simulator (Re-Entry)
  20. Eleven Table Tennis (15)

The number in the (bracket) is the game’s position in April.

Tune in at the end of next month as we look at the movers and shakers of the Oculus Store Top-Selling.

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