Oculus Quest in August 2021


Other than a new 128GB Quest 2 version and a date set for Facebook Connect (for this October 28th), there hasn’t been much major news for the Quest in August.

Late this month August put the Quest 2 back on sale with the release of its 128GB baseline model. This base model proves to be much the same, but with double the storage over the original 64GB model and a free (and rather cheap) silicone cover thrown in the bundle too.

The Quest’s next software update, version 32, slowly released over the end of this month which carried some nice features, but nothing truely worth writing home about. The update broght with it improvments to its Oculus Move app, adding weekly for the majority of us who can’t work out on a daily basis. You can now gift apps and games within VR. Messaging will merge Facebook and Oculus friends, and Syncing media between the headset and the smartphone app is also a welcome addition to update 32. Oculus also introduced multitasking windows on its home screen, and we also had the release of Horizon Workrooms. A business focused app that utilises the new avatar system along with a decent working environment within VR.

In August, I got my hands on some new accessories for Quest 2. The first was covering VR Cover’s new optical cable for Oculus Link. Then I checked out Kiwi design’s newly improved Touch Controller grips with battery opening flap. If you are looking for a carry case for your Quest 2 with or even without a Halo Strap then check out my review of the TyaSoleil sling case. And finally I tried out the magnetic charging kit from BeswinVR.

You can check out these and more of my reviews for Quest on the OQPlay OQPlay YouTube channel.

A little more mention of our YouTube Channel. We managed to reach 2162 subscribers at the end of this month. I continue to appreciate all the great questions and comments that you have sent in on the Channel. I hope to continue to bring fresh new accessories and gameplay content to the channel. If you’ve not yet subscribed, please do, as it will really help the Channel grow stronger and give me the opportunity to bring you more unique VR content.

Quest Game Releases in August

August saw a mixed bag of titles released on the Quest. The titles worth your eyeballs this month include the platformer Ven VR Adventure to parkour-influenced title Stride. Fitness app Player 22 and the very comical double-O agent title I Expect You To Die 2.

Top 20 Top-Selling

So let’s look at this week’s top 20 chart positions on the Oculus Quest Store.

I Expect You To Die 2 reaches the top spot at the end of this month
  1. I Expect You To Die 2 (New Entry)
  2. Beat Saber (2)
  3. A Township Tale (1)
  4. Warplanes WWI Fighters (14)
  5. SUPERHOT VR (3)
  6. Stride (New Entry)
  7. Onward (4)
  8. Job Simulator (6)
  9. Virtual Desktop (9)
  10. Vader Immortal: Episode I (11)
  11. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners (7)
  12. GORN (8)
  13. POPULATION: ONE (12)
  14. The Trill of the Fight (10)
  15. Eleven Table Tennis (17)
  16. Drunkn Bar Fight (20)
  17. Richie’s Plank Experience (16)
  18. Vader Immortal: Episode III (15)
  19. The Climb 2 (13)
  20. Vader Immortal: Episode II (19)

The number in the (bracket) is the app’s previous month’s position.

Tune in at the end of next month as we look at the movers and shakers of the Oculus Store Top-Selling.

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