Oculus Quest 2: What We Want to See from Developers


The Oculus Quest only launched in May 2019, becoming PC VR compatible in November 2019, and yet we’re already looking to the Oculus Quest 2. Facebook certainly found a winner with the more affordable and more accessible Oculus Quest, so it makes sense that they’re already developing the next model. According to a business report from Bloomberg, Facebook hoped to launch the second iteration of the Oculus Quest in late 2020, but that may now end up being 2021.

In any case, Oculus Quest 2 is in the works and on the way. While there are aspects of the tech that we hope will be tweaked and improved, such as better battery life and full hand-tracking, the most important aspect to maintain the momentum of the incredibly successful Quest is the software.

Developers have created some superb virtual reality games and experiences for the Quest. Still, to continue the growth of the platform and get more people in the ever-popular social apps like Rec Room and VRChat, developers will need to take another step forward with more generally appealing and diverse creations.

Enhancing VR gaming for current players

There are some truly innovative games that embrace everything that the technology has to offer on the Oculus Quest. New properties that are made just for VR gaming often provide the most inventive uses of the headsets, with the likes of Beat Saber, The Thrill of the Fight, Ultrawings, and Arizona Sunshine being among OQ Play’s top games of 2019 because they feel like fully-fledged titles akin to what’s found in console gaming. Any time you look at the most popular section, you’ll see a stack of free experiences, games, and apps, such as Netflix, Echo VR, Epic Roller Coasters, and Bait!, but there’re also plenty of priced games.

Beat Saber costs £22.99, as is Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted; Arizona Sunshine is £29.99, and the Vader Immortal series comes to £23.97 for three episodes. People buy the all-in-one Oculus Quest for around £500, and while everyone appreciates entertaining free content, the hardware purchase is a statement of intent to stay on the platform and be willing to pay for the best games that it grants access to – which is the same with console gaming.

Given the success of the paid games, developers should have more confidence in creating larger and more in-depth games and be brave enough to put a heftier price-tag up if that’s what’s required to bring an even higher standard of gaming to the Oculus Quest. If the Oculus Quest 2 proves to be a more powerful bit of kit, the hope is that developers will revel in the increased potential and build even better games for VR aficionados.

Building the appeal of VR gaming to the general public

Virtual reality gaming is still widely considered to be a niche line of entertainment, with its high cost of entry and perceivably quite narrow form of gaming hindering many potential gamers from adopting the tech. However, if developers were to create virtual environments that feature hundreds of different games, especially if these collections were free, the appeal of the Oculus Quest could increase a great deal. This approach would only really work with the kind of games that are popular and small enough that several could be placed in one easy-to-control VR world.

Given that Facebook owns Oculus, it’s quite surprising that they haven’t brought about a way to play their absurdly popular social media games through the headsets. Games like Farm Heroes Saga, Criminal Case, Dragon Glory, Top XI Football Manager and Glow Hockey are all compact and easy enough to play that putting them in a virtual environment filled with world portals could offer an enticing new experience to potential newcomers.

In a similar line of browser-based games, iGaming platforms with a range of slot games have increased in popularity through the years, with free games being offered by many online casinos alongside their paid offerings. As the likes of Gonzo’s Quest, Book of Dead, Zeus III, and Ghostbusters are so famous and easily playable, a game that puts a player on a virtual casino floor with all of these slot machines and the thousands of other free games could increase the appeal of the platform even further.

Perhaps the best way to entice existing gamers to pay-up for VR gaming, or to entice lovers of other entertainment mediums, would be for Facebook to fork out for some big-name licenses and give them to Oculus Studios to work into exclusive titles. PlayStation VR enjoyed tremendous success from the initial launch of Skyrim VR as well as the recent release of Iron Man VR, which topped 5 million units sold within a week.

PSVR drew from existing game properties and popular movies. The Quest does boast games from the Five Nights at Freddy’s, Angry Birds, and Star Wars franchises, but given Facebook’s near-infinite resources, there could be even bigger names coming to the platform with their own VR-optimised games. Having recognisable names on games, and advertising them, can quickly grow a platform’s userbase.

The second version of the Oculus Quest is coming. Hopefully, its introduction will make way for several bigger, better, and more widely appealing games and worlds to enhance the standing of VR gaming further.

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