How can VR Gaming Impact Casinos?


VR is the cutting-edge technology that is taking the gaming industry by storm. So, what is VR, or Virtual Reality, and how is it being used to take gaming to the next level? 

Virtual reality is a 3D, computer-generated environment, which users can experience through devices such as headsets and gloves. VR’s goal is to create an immersive world, to trick the users’ senses into believing that they’re within a simulation. 

In VR gaming, players can interact with a three-dimensional landscape, and others in it, through real-time movements and gestures. Gaming experiences can range from simple, accessible games to more complex, narrative-driven games with hours of gameplay.

The possibilities of VR

VR presents endless possibilities for the gaming industry; however, VR is set to change the way we work too. Sectors such as education, healthcare, and travel are increasingly going virtual.

Its application in education and training grew almost 38% in 2022, thanks to its ability to simulate real work situations. VR’s market for well-being and healthcare is expected to be worth 4.9 billion USD in 2023. 

Although VR gaming has been seen as a specialist market compared to traditional gaming, its popularity has skyrocketed recently. By 2027, the value of VR within the gaming market is forecast to reach $92.31 billion

The demand for VR technology surged during the Covid-19 pandemic, when consumers turned to virtual experiences for entertainment and socialising. Since then, there has been a massive overall growth in demand for VR Devices.

In 2022 alone, 14.94 million units of devices shipped to customers worldwide. Although only 4% of Britons had VR equipment in 2020, this is set to increase exponentially over the next decade. 

Tech giants such as Sony, Samsung, and Google, have all made investments in VR equipment. Oculus, a brand of Meta (previously Facebook), is pioneering affordable headsets, which will set you back around $400.

Benefits of VR

As we know, VR can create a world for users that is far more immersive than traditional gaming. However, the benefits of VR go far beyond the satisfaction of the player and can have a lasting impact.

In a new study, users of VR headsets are exercising more and feeling better about life. Participants in the study were reported to use VR headsets to exercise, meditate and socialise. 

Not only were players exerting themselves more than traditional gaming users, but they also described beneficial mental health effects. This has led to VR use in physical rehabilitation but also for therapy purposes.

Many consumers have turned to mobile gambling in recent years due to its range of games and convenience. It is unsurprising then, that industry insiders believe that VR is set to up the stakes in augmented casino gambling. 

The global VR gambling industry is set to grow from just $0.4 billion in 2017, to $2.4 billion by 2024. 

Various casino providers online as seen on Canadian BonusFinder are trying to find ways to implement VR into their casino games.

But what is driving this uptake in VR gambling? What can virtual casinos offer gambling operators and punters that concrete casinos can’t?

  • Enhanced Gaming Experience: Unlike mobile gambling applications, VR Casinos offer authenticity. Players will be totally immersed in a 360-degree Casino floor complete with competitors, without the risk of seeing one another’s cards!
  • Increased Interactivity: Players will be able to interact with one another with a live chat feature. Like brick-and-mortar Casinos, VR will encourage users to socialise with one another, creating a sense of community for the players.
  • Improved Accessibility: Many would-be gamblers are restricted from living their greatest Vegas fantasies due to physical, geographical, or financial barriers. Now you can enter a VR Casino with Wi-Fi and a headset, giving more players the opportunity to enjoy casinos.  
  • Enhanced Security: AI in online gambling isn’t at all new. However, within VR casinos, it can be used to detect any fraudulent activities. 

This will protect the players and the casinos, creating trust among players and the reputability of the casino.

  • Cost-Effective: The cost benefits of VR for casino operators are countless. As well as reducing expenditure in maintaining physical casinos, training and payroll will be made increasingly cost-effective for online hosts.

The future is virtual

Advances in technology have already made a considerable and lasting impact on the online gaming sphere. VR is the inevitable next step in the rapid development of a more immersive and accessible experience for gamers everywhere.

As VR technology continues to evolve, the possibilities are endless for existing and would-be gamblers. Players won’t have to fork-out for a plane ticket to enjoy the experience of an institute like the Bellagio.

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