Customise Your Quest 2 With Our NEW Lil’ Questy VR Decal Sticker!

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Enjoy my guide on how to install our brand new Lil’ Questy sticker for the Quest 2 headset and also head straps and controllers will also be coming soon. Visit my Etsy shop to browse and buy my stickers for £8 and I will ship worldwide →

I’ll be adding more stickers over time, so keep checking back to see what’s new and if you have any suggestions or custom requests, you can message me with your ideas too.

Inside your sticker package, there is the sticker you ordered, ready to be applied on its transfer layer, there is also a paper install guide, and for the first 30 orders I am giving away an OQPlay sticker too.


  1. So step one is to make sure your Quest 2, or the surface you are applying the vinyl onto is free from any dirt or dust. You can clean the surface with a damp cloth, or give it a spray with a screen or surface cleaner. Just make sure it is dry afterwards before applying the vinyl.
  2. Take the vinyl sticker and carefully and slowly peel away the white backing, so that it leaves the vinyl on the transparent transfer layer.

    Try not to touch any of the exposed vinyl at this stage. And should any vinyl not stick to the transfer layer, peel the transfer layer backwards, press hard on the part that hasn’t come off the white backing paper and slowly peel it off again.
  1. With the transfer layer removed from the backing paper, position your Quest 2 on a flat and stable surface to easily apply the sticker. Next take the sticker and hover it over where you want it to go. To centralise the sticker horizontally, look for the Oculus logo at the top of the headset, and where the first letter ‘u’ is, this is roughly the center of the headset, so if you have a part of sticker that is also central, like a nose for example, then align this to the text above. Vertical alignment is up to you, so position it as you like.
  2. Once positioned, lightly press on the center of the sticker onto the surface of your Quest 2 to begin to stick the vinyl onto the surface. If you need to make any adjustments or if you need to remove it and reapply, now would be a good time to do that before you press on any other areas of the sticker.
  3. When you’re happy with the stickers final position, firmly press down on all the elements of the sticker, working from the center of the sticker, outwards, towards the edges. This will help reduce any holding or bubbles from emerging on the sticker.
  4. Finally, slowly peal the transfer layer away from the surface, leaving the vinyl elements still on the surface. If any vinyl is still attached to the transfer layer, simply peel the layer backwards and press firmly on the stuck vinyl before trying again.

And that’s it. You’re done. Now sit back and enjoy your new customised Quest 2! Show it off to your friends, take a photo of it, and I would greatly appreciate it if you share the photo along with your positive review on my Etsy shop.

Each sticker costs around £8 with free shipping worldwide, and as I said early, if you have any custom requests or sticker ideas, please send a message through my Etsy shop to let me know.


0:00 – Intro
0:17 – Where to buy them
0:55 – Step 1 – Clean. your Quest 2
1:48 – Step 2 – Remove the backing paper
2:29 – Step 3 – Position the sticker
3:07 – Step 4 – Check the final position
3:25 – Step 5 – Rub the sticker to stick it down
3:48 – Step 6 – Peel away the transfer layer
4:03 – Step 7 – Complete, snap, share and review
4:40 – Removing vinyl stickers

You can view this video and many more on our YouTube channel. If you like what you see, please do Like and Subscribe to our channel so you can be alerted when our next video goes live.

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