At the big unveiling of the Oculus Quest at Oculus Connect 5, it was announced that there will be at least 50 launch titles available for the new VR platform from Oculus, when it releases in Spring 2019.

Only a handful of titles were playable on the day, which solidifies their availability at launch day, but there are many more titles that are still unconfirmed or are have been rumoured by its publishers/developers.

Below is a live list of games that have either been confirmed or rumoured to be developed for the Oculus Quest. It is uncertain these rumoured will be available at launch, but I thought I’d list them just incase.

Confirmed Launch Titles

Updated: 30 November 2018

  1. Moss (Source)
  2. The Climb (Source)
  3. Robo Recall (Source)
  4. Dead & Buried Arena (Demo @ OC5)
  5. Tennis scramble (Demo @ OC5)
  6. Super Hot VR (Demo @ OC5)
  7. Face Your Fears 2 (Demo@ OC5)
  8. Vader Immortal – Episode 1 (Trailer @ OC5)
  9. Project VR Fishing (Source)
  10. BOGO (Source)
  11. Covert (Source)
  12. Death Horizon (Source)
  13. Rave Runner (Source)
  14. Sairento VR (Source)
  15. The Brookhaven Experiment (Source)
  16. Bigscreen VR (Source)
  17. Skybox VR Video Player (Source)

Unconfirmed Launch Titles

The following are less confirmed, however with over 200 Rift titles, many of them have been rumoured or teased as titles that will be coming to the Oculus Quest:

  • The Unspoken
  • Raw Data
  • Brass Tactics
  • Marvel Powers United VR
  • Echo Arena
  • Echo Combat (Source)
  • Orbus VR
  • Lone Echo
  • Archangel
  • Expressive Avatars
  • The Cooking Game VR (Source)
  • Apollo 11 HD (Source)
  • Beat Saber (Source)
  • BoxVR
  • Hardlight Blade (Source)
  • Pavlov (Source)
  • Rec Room
  • Space Pirate Trainer (Source)
  • Thrill of the Fight 2
  • Vendetta Online (Source)
  • In Death (Source)
  • Voronium – Locust Sols (Source)
  • Virtual Desktop (Source)
  • Spice and Wolf (Source)

“We want people to understand that you can do a ton with this device,” said Sean Liu, Head of Hardware Product Management at Oculus. “So, we’re taking all of the top titles from Rift and bringing them over to Oculus Quest so people understand you can have those incredible experiences on this all-in-one device.”

Developer / Publisher Support

Many publisher and developer logos were shown at OC5 as supporters of the Oculus Quest, so we may see the  porting of ‘some’ of the following existing titles or new titles may be developed for the Oculus Quest. These may include:

  • Ready at Dawn
    • Lone Echo
    • Echo Arena
    • Echo Combat
  • Twisted Pixel
    • Wilson’s Heart
    • Defector
  • Pixel Toys
    • Drop Dead
  • Against Gravity
    • Rec Room
  • Funomena
    • Luna
  • High Voltage
    • Damaged Core
    • Dragon Front
  • nDreams
    • The Assembly
    • Shooty Fruity
    • Bloody Zombies
  • White Elk
    • Covert
    • Eclipse
  • Halfbrick
    • Fruit Ninja VR
  • Vertigo Games
    • Arizona Sunshine
    • Skyworld
  • Gravity Sketch
  • Ozwe
    • Anshar series
  • Schell Games
    • Along Together
    • Floor Plan
    • Adventure Time
  • Solfar
    • In Death
    • Everest VR
  • Survios
    • Sprint Vector
    • Raw Data
    • Creed
    • Electronauts
  • Harmonix
    • Rock Band VR
    • Harmonix Music VR
  • Bigscreen
  • Coatsink
    • Esper series
    • Augmented Empire
  • Force Field
    • Landfall
    • Pet Lab
    • Coaster Combat

I’ll keep this updated as soon as I hear word of any confirmed titles. If you have heard any confirmed titles that are not listed here, please do let us know via our contact form or via Twitter or Facebook.