NOTICE: The free download requires a subscription at $29.99/mo, with savings for longer term options

  • This is a multiplayer platform for professionals & teams and is not recommended for solo use
  • Standups, roadmapping, happy hours, board meetings, design, 1:1s, and offsites that are out of this world and far better than IRL
  • A creativity platform, much like Slack + Zoom in 3D. Our focus is teams, giving tech professionals superpowers to be their best
  • Putting you in thrilling immersive meeting experiences, giving you the tools to interact, co-invent and play
  • A meeting in VR is multiples more effective than IRL meetings: massive screens, drawing in the air, 1-click spawning of objects
  • Launched with multiple locations around the world. At the heart of each location is your Villa, always unique as you personalize to reflect your team and org’s personality and identity
  • Boost in culture
  • Improved camaraderie and positivity
  • Huge CapEx and OpEx savings to your company

Price: FREE width subscription // Comfort: Comfortable // Download

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