Titans of Space PLUS

Just how big is big? Discover the answer as you tour through this holographic miniature Solar System, then venture beyond to visit some of the largest known stars.

Titans of Space® PLUS is:

While moving through the tour at your own pace, enjoy accurate visuals and curated facts & photos for 40+ Solar System bodies. Let your knowledgeable Tour Guide talk your ear off. Reduced scale enhances the 3D effect and makes it easy to compare sizes.

Great care has been taken to ensure a comfortable and thrilling experience in VR. Immerse yourself with easy-to-use dashboard controls. Spatial relationships delivered directly to your brain!


  • “I want to show this experience to everyone I know, so that they can enjoy the solar system as much as I do!”
  • “Astonishing and overwhelming, one of the most elaborate and educational experiences in VR.”

Oculus Rift Cross-Buy enabled.
Tour Guide voice & subtitles are English only.

Price: £7.99 // Size: 1.12GB // Comfort: Comfortable // Download

If you are ever a fan of space, our planets and the solar system in general, then Titans of Space PLUS is a title for you. Strap on the Quest and you can be put through a full tour lasting 30 minutes or a short tour lasting 20 minutes. Both tours give a very good insight into our solar system and whilst in VR there is no better way to show the sheer scale of what’s out there and how very small our own little planet is.

For £7.99, Titans of Space PLUS is a great tool to teach people young and old about what goes on in the stars above us.

Replaceable Foam for your Oculus Quest 2

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