Prime Video VR

Welcome to the world of Prime Video VR, where your Prime membership gives you access to award-winning Amazon Originals, popular movies, hit TV shows, and a growing library of immersive virtual reality content. Enjoy access to titles you’ve bought or rented, plus sports, live events, and channel subscriptions purchased through Amazon.

Not a Prime member? Visit to sign up and enter a new virtual reality experience in addition to Prime content and fast FREE shipping.

Price: FREE // Size: 170.3MB // Comfort: Comfortable // Download

If you are on Amazon Prime already, then it is a no brainer to download the Prime Video VR app. You have access to all your own videos in ‘My Stuff’ whilst being able to view a growing library of VR 360 content as well as being able to watch Prime movies in their own theatre environment, with three screen sizes alongside some basic controls.

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