• Release Date: 21 May 2019
  • Price: FREE
  • File Size: Unknown
  • Comfort: Comfortable
  • Genre: Video Streaming, Social
  • Game Mode: Single User, Multiplayer

Bigscreen is your VR movie theater.

WATCH movies with friends in a virtual movie theater.
PLAY your favorite PC video games on a huge screen.
HANG OUT in social VR chat rooms.
EVENTS like weekly 3D Movie Nights and VR LAN parties!

— Features —

REMOTE DESKTOP STREAMING: stream your PC’s screen into your VR headset. Wirelessly play your favorite PC games. Play a movie or video on your PC and watch it wirelessly in your VR headset in a virtual movie theater.

Supports 3D MOVIES in Side-by-Side 3D or Over-Under 3D.

CROSS PLATFORM VR headset support!

Public and Private social VR CHAT ROOMS with up to 12 people.

Choose from a variety of environments like campfires and movie theaters. —

– Coming Soon —

VIDEO PLAYER: play local video files stored on your VR headset, or stream from a video server.

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